Bifocal Contact Lens

Bifocal Contact Lens Basics

Many people cannot read with the passage of time. Things becomes very difficult them because their vision degrades on account of aging and other reasons.  Over time, these people often become the butt of light hearted humor and banter.

These people need help in the form of vision aids which can correct their vision problems.  Bifocal contact lenses are just the right vision aid for them.

Many people suffer from presbyopia. This has become a major problem in their lives. These people find it very difficult to see the objects which are close up to them. This happens when the lens in the eye becomes less flexible with the passage of time. In order to rectify this problem, the person needs bifocal lenses.  These lenses are of great help in case the condition becomes complex with the passage of time.

Few years ago, the users of bifocal lenses had fewer options. With the passage of time, no line bifocal lenses came in the market. These lenses became more attractive with the passage of time. In the earlier periods, people struggled with the monovision contact lenses. The biggest drawback with these lenses was that the adjustment period was long and difficult. This was very frustrating for the users. Recent years have seen a number of developments in the area of bifocal lenses.

The biggest point here is that bifocal contact lenses have been developed for almost every contact lens in the market. This is good for the aging population. These are the people who use single vision contacts. They want to switch over to the bifocal contacts for a complete solution to correct their vision. The operation of bifocal contact lens is similar to the bifocal glasses.

The focal adjustments in a bifocal lens are determined by two powers of each lens. The adjustments are of two types- far away adjustments and close adjustments. Both the adjustments are in the bifocal contact lens itself. The two adjustments are separated by a sharp delineation or separation. Aspheric bifocal contact lenses adjust their contact lenses slowly and steadily.