Bifocal Contact Lens

Bifocal Contact Lenses - What Are They

Bifocal contact lenses were introduced as an alternative for people who used spectacles for correcting near sightedness and farsightedness. Frames used to be heavy and unattractive.  Bifocal frames had the problems of adjustment also. Many people had a sense when the used bifocal spectacles. The disadvantages of bifocals led to the invention of  bifocal contact lenses.

The bifocal contact lenses are popular all over the world. People who have trouble with near objects use bifocal lenses. These people suffer from the eye sight problem. This problem is called presbyopia in medical terminology. Generally, this problem does not develop in a person till the age of 40. In the rarest of  rare cases, this problem develops before the age of 40.

Bifocal lenses are available in various designs. One particular design is called the alternating design. In this type of design, one half of the contact lens has distance powers and the other part corrects near vision. This type of design is very similar to bifocal glasses.

In the case of simultaneous designs, there is a blend of distant and near power. This blend fills near the area of the pupil. The eyes interpret the circle power choice depending on how close or far you are looking.

Another design that bifocal lenses are available in, is the concentric design. This type of design is meant to correct near vision. The outer part of the lens corrects distance vision.

In case of Asferic design, the distant and near vision is concentrated at the center of the lens. The near correction is at the center. The distant correction surrounds the near correction. If required this can be reversed. The doctor can help in case the lens requires any adjustments.

In case of mono vision design each of  the eyes has a separately powered lens.  The distant vision is worn on the eye that is dominant among the two eyes. The other eye is meant for the near lens.

Bifocal lenses are not available without a prescription. The doctor will examine your eyes  determine if you require bifocals.  This lens is beneficial to users in many ways.