Bifocal Contact Lens

Multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are made up of soft material so that they could be used in our daily routine. Today multifocal lenses are available in the form of soft bifocals which are disposable even daily. Multifocal contact lenses designed as RGP(rigid gas permeable) are available.

With the help of new technology, the multifocal lenses are being made that they help in vision whether it be distance or near and even astigmatism correction. The toric contact lenses and the lenses permeable to gas are available as the multifocals. To keep the contact lenses in one position, they are made with different designs. In some lenses the thickness of the lower part of the lens is maintained(also known as the ballast system). Where as in some lenses both the upper and lower part of the lenses is made thinner and the middle part is made a bit thicker. These kinds of lenses have proved to be very beneficial for the astigmatic correction.

The adaptation to the different multifocal lenses can not be judged easily. So, whenever you go for the multifocal lenses, always consult the eye specialist as he is the best person who can judge which eye needs which kind of lens. Monovision fit should be used for the person not comfortable with the multifocal lenses. Our dominant eye is used for distant viewing and for the near view, the non dominant eye is used by monovision. Most of the right handed people have their dominant right eye and the people who are left handed are mostly found to have their dominant left eye. But this judgment of the dominance of eye should be made by an eye specialist.

For the multifocals the single vision contacts are not used, rather they are used for mostly the monofits. The brain can appropriately recognize the images until there is a normal difference with the near vision and the distant vision prescriptions.