Bifocal Contact Lens

With Bifocal Contact Lenses, No Need to Hold Your Book Farther!

Bifocal contact lenses are meant for those who are suffering from presbyopia. In presbyopia one needs to keep the reading material at a farther distance from eyes. With the help of bifocal lens you no longer need to hold the book or any reading material.
Bifocal lenses are made of both soft and rigid materials which are gas permeable. Sometimes it is made of hydrogen permeable material. These lenses are disposable which means you can wear them as and when you wish and you can wear a new and fresh bifocal lens if want to replace the old one.

In bifocal lenses there are two prescriptions at a time suitable for your eyes. There are mainly three types of bifocal lenses, namely translating bifocal lens, concentric ring designs and aspheric designs. Translating lens works like bifocal glasses and it has two power segments. It stays where it is placed when your eye balls move it gives you the view you need.
Concentric design lens has one prescription in the center and more than one ring around it. These rings are meant for near and farther distances. It varies according to your pupils’ movement. Aspheric contact lenses have different prescriptions blended together as per your convenience and work like convenient power glasses.

Bifocal contact lenses are nothing new and have been around for many years but not much successful. In the present days, new technology has developed a lot more refined form of bifocal lenses. They have been found to be very successful. If you want to use the bifocal lens, your doctor will better advice you regarding the type of lens comfortable for you.

There are two important factors for you before you go for a bifocal lens. First is the prescription you have been given, and second the size of your pupil. Therefore, there is possibility that you may need to try many lenses before you find the right one for you.