Contact Lens Basics

All the Fuss about Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not just a means of correcting your vision. The fact that contact lenses cover the cornea threw up a number of possibilities. Fashion and style caught up with the world of contact lenses and pretty soon, manufacturers introduced all types of colored and cosmetic contact lenses. From contact lenses that changed the color of your eyes from black to green, or from blue to black, lens manufacturers introduced all types of funky styles such as zebra, fire and cat eyes.

The fact is that contacts are usually bought (as they should be) against a prescription. Manufacturers ensure that you buy against a prescription because a prescription implies that you have got your eyes checked by a doctor and that you will buy from an authorized and scrupulous outlet.

Usually most contact lenses, cosmetic or powered or both are and should be bought against a prescription. There are lenses that do not require a prescription. However, you should get your eyes checked from a qualified eye care specialist before buying any type of contact lens. Therefore, whether you buy lenses against or without a prescription does not really matter.

The fact is that you can buy contact lenses that normally require a prescription, from unauthorized vendors who will not ask you any questions. Buying branded lenses that require a prescription from such vendors is putting the health and safety of your eyes at risk.

One more thing to remember is that you should take good care of your spectacles and follow the instructions to the letter. Clean your contacts with the recommended solutions and put them away in a clean contact case after use. Taking proper care of your contact lenses helps to prevent infection of your eyes.