Contact Lens Basics

Can A Contact Lens Really Get Lost In Your Brain?

In some situations  you may feel that the contact lens is lost under the upper eyelid. It becomes very important to relax under such a situation. There is no need to panic. It is not dangerous. You can very easily place it in a normal position. It is an irritating situation but doesn’t hurt at all. It would not be right to say that the contact lens gets lost in the brain.

It is a fact that the lids are attached to the eye. It is impossible that the lens will go behind the lid into the brain. This statement, in fact, does not make any sense. The fact is that the lens can never get lost into the brain. When anyone thinks like this, it is an irrational statement. Depending on the styles of the contact lenses, it is quite possible for the contact lenses to get stuck under the upper eye lid.

You need to follow some important procedures to remove the soft contact lens from the upper eye lid. The first step is to look down straight towards the nose. Now, close your eyes. Place the finger on the eye lid from the inside corner. Rub in one direction. It is very important to rub in a single direction. Start the rubbing process towards the ear. Now, reach the globe of the eye under the eye brow. Open the eye. Push the lens out of the upper lid. Now, remove the lens.

In case the lens does not come out in the first attempt, you need to repeat the same steps. In case, you do not see the lens, you need to take a break. Sometimes it happens that you may no longer see the lens.

In case the lens is gas permeable contact lens, there is a particular process to remove this contact lens. 
It becomes very important to locate the gas permeable lens. Hold the upper eye lid. Look down to the mirror. Once you locate the lens, lift the upper eye lid in a complete fashion. The lens will get exposed in a full manner. Now, remove the lens by opening your eyelid.