Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens and Rosacea

There is a close relationship between contact lens and rosacea. There is a general view among people that rosacea sufferers should not wear contact lenses, be it colored contact lens, cosmetic contact lens, disposable contact lens or custom contact lens. Is the perception really true? What is the truth here?

Over 50 million people suffer from Rosacea. Broadly speaking, it is a common inflammatory disorder. When one suffers from it, he will have redness on and across face, cheeks, forehead and eyelids. Fair skinned people are its main victims. This acne like disease affects middle aged people the most. One is likely to have red bumps and stinging sensations.

The most common of rosacea is ocular rosacea which affects more than half of all the sufferers. The general symptoms of ocular rosacea are redness, crusts on the eyelids, blurry vision, pain in the eye and alike. So, is it possible to use contact lens at the time you have rosacea? Is it safe for someone with ocular rosacea to wear contact lenses?

The answers to the above questions are that you can wear contact lens, colored contact lense, bifocal contact lenses, toric lenses and soflens even when you suffer from rosacea and it is completely safe. As you may have one of your vital organs under attack, you should always consult your physician about the safety of wearing contact lens colors.

Wearing contact lens with rosacea can be problematic to some. So, it is always wise to go for prescription contact lenses. With different therapies, it is possible to tackle rosacea easily and wearing contact lens with rosacea with proper care is very easy. Hence, both contact lens and rosacea are compatible with each other.