Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens Discomfort

If you are a new contact lens user, you may suffer from various types of contact lens discomfort. This contact lens discomfort among new users is mainly because of not knowing well how to put in contact lenses and how to remove them. You need a little practice to get comfortable with putting and removing these lenses.

Another common contact lens discomfort is dryness of eye that is solely due to contact lenses as lenses give way to excess evaporation of water from eyes. Some of the new users also complain about constant pinching in their eyes. Discomfort could also be due to long span of contact lens usage. You must not use contact lenses beyond the period suggested by your eye care provider.

If you happen to wear colored contact lenses, you should be very particular about contact lens cleaning with the help of an efficient contact lens cleaner. And these colored disposable contact lenses must not be used beyond the time mentioned for discarding lenses. If these contact lens discomfort continues for a longer period, you must consult a doctor as it may result in various eye complications.

If you don't clean your lenses properly then you may start feeling a gradually increasing discomfort that ultimately results in Corneal ulcers. In order to do away with probability of corneal ulcer, you can opt for soft contact lenses. This discomfort could also be due to Corneal Abrasions that is because of trapped particles between cornea and lens. This comfort may even give way to Conjuctivitis.

In order to do away with discomfort causefd due to contact lens, they must be kept in contact lens case after use. Contact lens color should be chosen with caution and care. Immediate suggestion should be sought from an eye care provider on contact lens problems. Always prefer prescription contact lenses to avoid discomfort. Cheap contact lense ust not be used. Hard contact lense may result in contact lens discomfort.