Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens History

Contact lens history dates back to the period of Leonardo da Vinci when he suggested that cornea's power changes when eye makes contact with water. The genesis of the idea of possibility of contact lenses. In 1801, Mr Thomas Young came up with an eye cup with liquid and later on John Herschel developed a spherical capsule of glass. These could be termed as early forms of contact lenses.

But, a noted contribution was made by Mr Eugen Fick when he came up with his pair of scleral contact shells in late nineteenth century. From there, contact lens history takes a new turning as experiments intensified to improve upon Eugen fick's invention. August Miller came up with his own version of Eugen's invention and he used blown glass.

In 1930, Plastic scleral lenses were introduced. It became possible to make plastic lenses just because of invention of polymethyl methacrylate. The inventor was Mr William Feinbloom.

The year 1950 marked a new beginning in contact lens history with invention of corneal contact lenses. Then onwards, soft lenses came into existence. With recent introduction of Silicone hydrogel, more permeable and comfortable lenses are on the block.

Contact lenses must be kept in contact lens case. You must avoid cheap contact lense instead, you can go for custom contact lens or superior genre after going through contact lens review. You must keep contact lens cleaner with yourself and contact lens cleaning should be done carefully. Cosmetic contact lenses are gaining popularity among fashion conscious folks. People are now longing for even daily disposable contact lenses.