Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens Stuck in Eye

Contact lens stuck in eye is not something serious. It is a general problem which occurs in almost every contact lens wearer. Such a contact lens can be a colored contact lens, cosmetic contact lens, custom contact lens or disposable contact lens. Even prescription contact lenses like bifocal contact lens, toric lens, cataract lens, and alike can get stuck in your eye. Basically, it is a frustrating situation. If not handled properly, contact lens gone wary can be dangerous at times. It is an uncomfortable situation which can be dangerous if you get panicked.

To remove such a lens requires patience on your part. Following the given steps, you can safely remove contact lens stuck in the eye:

A) First of all, do not panic, take a deep breath and clean hands and face if possible.

B) The next thing is to take care of your affected eyes with lots of saline solution. This way, you can relieve the uneasiness in your eyes.

C) Thirdly, if you wear soflens, close your eyes for a couple of minutes for the lens to reappear. For hard contact lens wearers, allow for the lens to dry out so that the lens may come out easily.

D) The other way is to lower your eyelid with your index finger and try to remove contact lens in the usual fashion i.e. with the tip of a finger. While removing your lens, have patience and try to look up. If you are in excruciating pain, you can instill anaesthesia.

This way, you can easily remove contact lens stuck in the eye. For removing a hard contact lens, you can use a plunger. To remove soft contact lens, you just have to keep lubricating your eye. Still have difficulty in removing it, it is better, you contact your ophthalmologist immediately.