Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens Types - Do You Wear the Lenses that are best for you?

There are many types of contact lenses available today. Finding the right kind of contact lens can become a very difficult and sometimes a very challenging task.  Each type of contact lens has its own features and advantages. It is very important to do some research.

Many people wear different type of contact lenses. Some people wear soft contact lenses. These are called daily wear soft contact lenses. The material that is used in these contact lenses is  soft and flexible plastic. The biggest property of this plastic is that it is permeable by oxygen. This means that this plastic allows the oxygen to pass through. This results in  a much greater degree of comfort to the eyes.

It is very important to clean daily wear soft lenses everyday.  A special solution is required to clean these lenses. If you don’t have the patience or the time to clean lenses everyday, you can opt for daily wear disposable contact lenses. These lenses are similar to the soft contact lenses, in every way, except  that these contact lenses can be discarded within a single day. Just wear a new pair every morning and through them away at night.

Disposable contact lenses are very convenient and save the user a lot of bother as the chore of cleaning contact lenses is not required.

Extended wear soft lenses are a type of lens which can be worn over an extended period of time. They can be worn for up to a week and can be worn overnight. These of course will have to be cleaned after a week.

Extended wear disposable soft lenses can be worn over an extended period of time and do not need to be cleaned. These lenses can be worn for up to a week, and then can be thrown away. Many people use the extended wear contact lenses.

The extended disposable lenses need a bit of cleaning like many other disposable contact lenses. You can also get planned replacement lenses in the market. There are also new generation of contact lenses in the market called RGP lenses.