Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses: A Brief History

Contact lenses are a modern invention. There have been many debates with regard to the inventor of contact lenses. Many people do not know the exact details about this. It is said that in 1508, Leonardo Da Vinci made a rough sketch of the lenses for the eyes. After this, Rene Descartes, in 1632, came up with a fascinating idea called contact lens for the cornea.

In the year 1801, a man called Thomas young came up with another idea that was based on the idea of Rene. This man actually wanted to repair his own flawed vision. He first tried a glass tube filled with water. He fashioned this tube with a microscopic lens on the other end. This was the beginning of the era of contact lenses.

Much progress followed in the area of contact lenses during the years 1887 and 1888. The first contact lens, totally made of glass, was made by three men named Fick, Kalt, and Muller. These lenses were the first step in the right direction. They were rather comfortable though they corrected only a small amount of vision problems.

The development of contact lens was an important step in the history of vision correction. With this invention, a new kind of plastic called polymethyl methacrylate came in the market. After studying this plastic, a man named Kevin applied for the patent for the new kind of plastic in 1948. He got the patent. This new plastic was officially considered the first plastic that was used in the contact lenses.

The lenses with the new plastic were good. Many wearers of these contact lenses found them very comfortable. Another pioneer in the field of modern contact lenses is a man from Czechoslovakia. His name is Otto. He developed the modern contact lens in the year 1961. He was a chemist by profession. People throughout the world today use his contact lenses.