Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses: Are They Really Safe!

Nearly 75 million people are using contact lenses today. The reason behind this rising popularity of contact lenses is also the safety factor associated with them. People using spectacles often live with the risk of broken glasses and the problems of vision when engaged in some sports or rough activities. This however is not found in the contact lenses which are very easy to use do not involve any risk of breakage. They also provide an excellent peripheral vision as the contacts move alongwith the movement of the eye.

It is possible that initially some people might have problem in wearing the contacts but after some time they get used to them and wear them with much of ease and comfort. Whenever a person buys anything new, he is expected to take safety measures to keep that thing in a good and smooth condition. Similarly, the contact lens users have to take care of their lenses in order to avoid any ill effects to their eyes.

Also one must have knowledge about the proper use of contact lens and should follow the doctor's directions for the purpose. Contact lenses are absolutely safe for correcting vision disorders or for changing the color of your eyes unless the following symptoms are not in view:

A) Pain in the eye
B) Redness of the eye for more than two days
C) A blurry vision
D) Scratchiness in the eye

These symptoms suggest an immediate consultation with the doctor to avoid any serious complications. Also, for the safety of your contact lenses and your eyes, you must follow certain safety tips recommended by your doctor and must know how to wear them perfectly and comfortably. Further, contact lenses should be used by people only if they suit their profession, otherwise they wculd have adverse effects on your eyes. People in profession like sports enjoys the benefits of contacts but those who work in dust environments should not use lenses. Just a few things if taken care of can save you from every problem and keep you and contacts, in contact!