Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses Without Doctor's Prescription: Now Available

Contact lenses have long been considered the domain of people who suffer from visual deterioration. People thought that the contact lenses are just like prescription drugs, you cannot purchase them without a prescription written in illegible language by a doctor who uses thick horn rimmed glasses. But the reality is different, the market is flooded with non prescription contact lenses which come with a zero diopter rating and can be used by anyone.

But the natural question is that if one does not have any eye problems, why would he wear contact lenses at all? The companies have moved on from making simple transparent contact lenses and now you can easily purchase color tinted contact lenses. These color contact lenses can be used to change the color of the pupil of your eye. You can make your eyes look watery, bright or even funky.

The color contact lenses are available in two types. First is the semi transparent enhancement type color contact lens. The second is opaque contact lenses. Both these contact lenses are available without a prescription but you must know that not every type of color contact lens shall suit you. You have to choose the type according to the color of your eyes. For people with light colored eyes both types of lenses are fine enough but for people with dark eyes, the only option is opaque contact lenses.

The other type of non prescription contact lenses are costume contact lenses. They are specially designed contact lenses which have different patterns on them. Depending on your choice you can buy costume contact lenses that have funky, horrible or joke type design  patterns on them. You can find lenses to make your eyes look blood shot or like the eyes of a cat or a lion.

While non prescription lenses do not need a prescription, it is recommended that you get your eyes checked by a doctor find any minor infections or injuries caused by dust particles. The contact lenses are going to be touching your eyes. If used improperly, they might worsen the injury. You must get your eyes checked from a doctor before you go and buy non prescription contact lenses.