Contact Lens Basics

Contacts Guide: How to Use Crazy Contact Lenses?

Occasionally we all like to get weird and practice the 'shock and awe' on our near and dear ones. Remember the days when as a child you would get behind the curtain and wait for mom to walk by, and the moment she did you would spring out, you shriek loud and your palm turned into claws with your fingers curled in. It would leave her startled and you would thoroughly enjoy that shocked look on her face.

That was fun. In those days, contact lenses were not so frequently used to enhance the shock effect neither were we allowed to use them as kids. Well, kids are still not supposed to use them but with the advent of newer technology, ground breaking innovations have taken place adding altogether new chapters to the evolutionary history of contact lenses. Contact lenses, thus, have stepped beyond their conventional role of vision correction and have become part of fashion and style.

Crazy contact lenses, as they have now come to be known as, fall under that category. The only difference being that they are not there to change the look to look better but to appear a little too different and, at times, plainly scary.

These lenses are zero power lenses and are normally available in two varieties-- monthly lenses and standard lenses. The monthly ones can be worn over a period of one month or 30 time on and off. The standard lenses, on the other hand, can be worn for as long as 18 months on and off.

These crazy ones have to used with care and caution. Avoid make-up, sprays and perfumes in order to avoid damage to the lenses, for they might sustain damage without your realizing, which can be harmful for your eyes in the long run.

Being zero powered lenses, they are sometimes shared by the people in much the same way as sunglasses are. Don't do it because they are very different from sunglasses due to their proximity with the living tissues of the eye. Sharing lenses could cause infection. So, avoid.

Prior to handling them wash your hands properly and always clean and disinfect the lenses with the prescribed solution only. Make sure that you use the solution manufactured by an approved and reputable company. Since these lenses are not used everyday, they must be stored carefully. When it is time to discard them, do dispense with them even if you have worn them only a few times. The desire to derive value for money in such cases is quite dangerous. After all, eyes are precious. Right?