Contact Lens Basics

Do's And Dont's Of Contact Lens

Undoubtedly, contact lenses provide a safe and effective way to correct vision but this is only possible if they are used with care and proper supervision of your doctor otherwise they can have adverse effects on your eyes. Contact lenses are easy to use if handled carefully. Its proper handling requires maturity to take care of the lenses by following the instructions related to the lens. So, in order to take care of our lenses, you must follow some of the dos and dont's of contact lenses. These are:

A) Follow the directions that comes with your lenses.
B) Wash your hands before using the lenses.
C) Clean and disinfect reusable lenses each time they are removed.
D) Clean and disinfect again if storage lasts longer than allowed by the disinfecting solution.
E) Clean and air-dry the lens case each time you remove the lens.
F) Get your doctor's permission before taking medicines or using topical eye products.
G) Remove your lenses and contact your doctor if you have vision changes, redness of H) the eye, eye discomfort or pain and excessive tearing.
I) Handle contact lenses over a clean towel to keep them clean and undamaged.
J) Visit your doctor frequently to catch the possible problems early.

A) Use tap water, distilled water or saline water for any part of your lens care.
B) Use saliva to wet your lenses.
C) Mix different brands of cleaner or solution.
D) Change your lens-care products without your doctor's advice.
E) Let cosmetics lotions, sprays or creams touch your lenses.
F) Wear daily-wear lenses during sleep.
G) Wear lenses when swimming or when in a hot tub.
H) Wear your lenses longer than prescribed by your doctor.

These simple do's and dont's of contact lenses can help you in using your contacts properly and also help you in avoiding any adverse effects.