Contact Lens Basics

Drug Loaded Contact Lenses – An Innovation In Eye Care

Drug loaded contact lenses are used to treat various eye complications. Most of the people who have some trouble in their eyes use  prescription medicine or solutions to treat their eyes. Nowadays there are drug loaded contact lenses available in the market which serves two purposes at the same time. One is vision correction, and the other is the delivery of drugs to the eyes in a regulated and consistent manner.

Eye medication administered through eye drops can be messy. It can mix with tears and flow into the nasal cavity. Drug loaded contact lenses have been devised to remove certain disadvantages of the traditional method of eye drops.

With the recent researches it is now possible to develop polymeric lenses that are loaded with medicines meant for eye treatment. These drugs are incorporated into a polymer matrix which has a nanostructure and is gas and fluid permeable. Such lenses do not affect the eyes or the cornea adversely. When you put on such lenses, the drugs are very gradually released into your eyes, without hampering your vision.

In normal cases when you put drops in your eyes, 90 percent of the solution goes waste. If you use drug loaded contact lens your eyes get a regular supply of medicine without any wastage or danger of excess medication. Nowadays many eye complications like cataract and glaucoma are being treated with the use of such lenses.

While making drug loaded lens it is being attempted to develop such lenses that may also control the delivery of medicine to the eyes because uncontrolled supply of medicine may jeopardize the safety of the eyes. Drugs like lubricating solution, liquid antibiotics and wound healing are administered using drug loaded contact lenses.

These types of lenses are costly but if you consider the fact it includes the cost of eye treatment, the added expense is justified. However, you should consult an eye doctor who can advice you as to whether  you really need such a contact lens as a means to cure your eyes.