Contact Lens Basics

Easy Steps To Take Care Of Your Contact Lens

Contact lenses rid one of the glasses, which to many, look like an artificial contraption indicative of some physical deformity or disablilty. In other words, they see spectacles as vision-crutches.

However, it's another matter that even a bespectacled look is now considered dignified and is thought to indicate intelligence and competence. But that has not affected the ever increasing popularity of contact lenses, and now they graduated from vision correction devices to cosmetic accessories, which means that even those who have sound vision are looking for contacts to enhance their looks. And if you are one of the contacts users, it is important for you to know a few things about how to take care of your contacts.

1) To begin with, before you put the contacts on or off wash your hands in order to make sure that you don't let germs and dirt go into your eyes. After washing use a lint-free towel to wipe your hands dry.

2) No moisturizing soaps, for they do not go very well down with contact lenses. That may be good for your skin but when you go to wash your hands to apply contacts, use normal soap.

3) Use only the recommended solution to wash your lenses and be very regular with it, for it removes the dirt and sticky deposit. Some of the lenses may need a thorough rubbing for good cleaning while the others may work with simple rinsing in the solution.

4) Disinfecting your lens is another important measure, for which you just need to make sure that your lens case is clean at all times and the disinfecting fluid is changed periodically so that it itself does not get contaminated over a period of time. The process of disinfection kills microorganisms, which could otherwise harm the eyes.

One last thing that needs to be pointed out is that if you are not using a disposable lens, do consider using protein remover because though normal cleansing does some protein cleaning but that's not enough. Taking care of your lenses is a good way to make sure that they take care of your eyes in equal measure.