Contact Lens Basics

Eye Contacts

It is very important to improve vision. Eye glasses are a good means to improve vision. One disadvantage is that glasses are heavy and get in the way of a number of crucial activities in the life of a person. They also look unattractive.

Contact lenses are clearly a superior option on both the above counts.
A number of people choose contact lenses over eye glasses as a means to correct their vision.

Majority of the people find  contact lenses as one of the most attractive options for the correction of  vision. The contact lens is placed over the cornea. The contact lens always remains in contact with the eye. This is the biggest advantage of the contact lens. The contact lens is made of either plastic or other synthetic material.

The contact lens has a very long history. Leonardo Vinci was the first person to draw a tentative sketch of the contact lens. He sketched a  contact lens on paper in the year 1508. In the year 1887, the first wearable lens was invented. It was developed by German glass blower called FE Muller.

In case the person wants to purchase the right contact lens, he should consult optometrist or an optician. A valid prescription is required for the purchase of a pair of  contact lens. The valid prescription is highly important even if this does not involve the purchase of the vision correction contact lens. In the recent years, FDA has labeled the contact lens as a  medical device which can be inserted into the eye for the correction of faulty vision.

There may be some initial problem with the use of contact lenses. The problem is that eyes differ in  shapes and size. Eyes react differently to contact lenses in the initial stages. The contact lenses come in two types. These two types are the soft and the hard contact lenses. Contact lenses can be either disposable or can be worn over an extended period of time.