Contact Lens Basics

Eyeglasses have more advantages over Contact Lenses!

The one of the biggest advantages with contact lenses is that they float on the eyes. Contact lenses come in two types, that are soft and hard contact lenses. Soft lenses are made up of soft materials which are soluble in water and these materials take the form of the eyes when worn on them.

The hard lens is manufactured by hard substance which is called hard gas permeable plastic. This material covers the part of cornea. Nowadays you get a large variety of contact lenses in the market in various colors and styles. Among them there are many soft contact lenses available in the market today which are disposable. You can change these disposable lenses on day to day basis and can also change them once in two weeks or a month basis. This depends on the brand and material of the lens.

Contact lenses have proved to be much comfortable than traditional eyeglasses in many ways. For many eye vision disorders, these lenses are the best. These lenses are best option for certain disorders like short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Contact lenses have also in great demand by sports persons in comparison with the traditional spectacles. The reason for this is that people find it difficult to handle traditional spectacles when they play sports.

Many people prefer contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Since eye glasses are unable to cover the sides, this does not make the view complete. Besides, rain, snow and perspiration have no effect on a contact lens and they are also not affected by extreme temperatures. A lot of people tend to use them due to fashion statement and style thinking that contact lenses make their personality beautiful.

Anyway, when you compare the contact lenses with the traditional eye glasses, you cannot deny some certain facts. The fact is that contact lenses do not look beautiful on all faces and have many disadvantages. The main disadvantage of contact lenses is that these lenses become dry beyond certain limit. Besides, if the contact lenses are not properly handled, eye infection occurs and they are also not good for diabetics.