Contact Lens Basics

Have You Ever Wondered:How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Many people are really surprised about the way contact lens works. They become surprised when they see how beautifully this little piece of plastic works. Life without contact lenses can become unthinkable for some people. Their vision will deteriorate and they will not be able to see well. It is amazing how this little piece of plastic can work so many wonders, in correcting people’s vision.

As a user of contact lenses it would be beneficial for you to know how they work. There is not much difference between the contact lens and the optical lens. In the simplest form, both these lenses are the same. The functioning of eye glasses and contact lens is the same. It is only the design and the architecture that differs. The lens has minus power for the near sighted. The contact lens has  a thin center and thick edge. This pattern resembles the eye glasses.

It becomes very important to know that the variation between thin and thick makes the power of a contact lens. It is very important to know that -14 powered contact lens has thicker edge than the -2 powered contact lens. The inside curve of the contact lens is also called the base curve. This curve is specially designed for the optimum fitting of the lens on the cornea. The measurement of base curve is done in mm of radius. In case the lens has a base curve of 8.6 mm, the contact lens has the same inside curve of circle with a radius of 8.6 mm.
The diameter in a contact lens is measured from one edge to another. it is also measured in millimeters. You can also change the diameter of the contact lens for your personal comfort. In case you want to change the diameter of the contact lens, you need to revise the base curve. It is interesting to note that the lens with the base curve of 8.6 and diameter 13.8 is  flatter than a lens with same a base curve and diameter of 15. The contact lens can only work in a proper way when there is a proper prescription. It is   very important that the lens fits the eyes correctly.