Contact Lens Basics

How To Put In Contact Lens

Contact lenses, since their invention, have come a long way. From the earlier hard contact lense to soflens to the current disposable contact lens and colored contact lenses. In fact, the new cosmetic contact lenses is the rage among colored contact lense users. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive part of your body, so you should wear contact lens in a proper manner.

You should wear the contact lenses properly without harming your beautiful eyes. Any unbalanced wearing of the contact lenses would lead to adverse effects. Always place the lens on your finger so that it forms a cup and then hold it up in front of your eye so that you are looking at the side of cup. If it forms a 'U' then its correctly fitted but if it forms 'U' with the top edges being flared out then its not properly fitted. Below are some of the guidelines related to contact lens wearing and contact lens removal.

1) First of all, clean your contact lens regularly to prevent the presence of foreign particles. Always use contact lens cleaner for proper contact lens cleaning.

2) It has been reported that youngsters swap their colored lenses now a days which is highly injurious. Do not ever swap or share your lenses with someone else.

3) Always make it a habit of washing your hands before handling the contacts or touching your eyes.

4) Do not put in and take out your lenses frequently throughout the day. Fashion lenses should be used only when they are fitted by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

5) You should never wear disposable lenses past their expiry dates.

6) It is important for you to not wear your contact lenses overnight as it would prevent the flow of oxygen to reach the cornea. And always carry eye drops while traveling on a plane to lubricate the eye as there is dry air inside the plane.

7) Last but not the least, do not wear cracked or chipped off lenses.

All the above guidelines, if followed, will help in maintaining good health of your lenses as well as your precious eyes. Have you ever wondered as to how the contact lens fits in your eyes. As you know, contact lenses are generally thin and curved plastic disks designed to cover the cornea which is the clear front covering of the eye. Because of surface tension, the similar force that causes a drop of water to cling to the side of a glass, contact lens cling to the film of tears over the cornea which helps focus light entering the eye onto the retina thereby giving clear vision by replacing glasses. In simple words contact lenses are a sort of medical devices which help in improving vision.