Contact Lens Basics

Invention Of Contact Lenses

Credit for invention of contact lenses doesn't go to a single person as history of contact lenses could be traced back to early sixteenth century. Since sixteenth century onwards, invention of contact lenses continued till F.E.Muller's version of invention and even afterwards.

But, F.E.Muller is said to be the real inventor. He came up with his invention in 1887. Before him, Rene Descrates is also considered by many as the real inventor because of his corneal contact lens invention. Contribution of English Jhon Herschel is also acknowledged for his contribution to invention of contact lenses in early Nineteenth century.

An important contribution was made by Mr Eugen Fick when he invented his pair of scleral contact shells. These contact lenses of late nineteenth century heralded a new era in invention of contact lenses. Later on, August Miller introduced his own version of Eugen's invention by using blown glasses.

Lately, it was Joseph Dallos who came with an improved pair of lenses. In 1930, Plastic scleral lenses were introduced. It became possible to make plastic lenses just because of invention of polymethyl methacrylate. William Feinbloom was first to come up with plastic contact lenses. It happened in 1936. Credit also goes to Dr George Butterfield who came up with an innovated corneal lens.

With recent introduction of Silicone hydrogel, more permeable and comfortable lenses are on the block. If you happen to use contact lens, don't forget the following tips:

Contact lenses should be placed in contact lens case when not in use. You should not go for cheap contact lense contrarily, you can opt for custom contact lens. You must practice regular contact lens cleaning. Better go through contact lens review before buying it. Always carry contact lens cleaner. Cosmetic contact lenses are gaining popularity among fashion conscious woman. People are now longing for even daily disposable contact lenses. Colored contact lenses have become order of the day.