Contact Lens Basics

Is Age A Factor For Wearing Contact Lens

Contact lenses can be used by any person irrespective of his/her age. In fact age is not an important factor in determining the ability to wear contact lenses. Usually, children are looked over as unsuitable for contact lens usage but now with the relative safety and variety of choices today, children can be very successful contact lens users. More than the age factor, maturity is an important element in determining the ability of an individual to wear contact lenses. Children in the age group of 14-15 years who are mature enough to handle them can wear lenses.

The maturity factor includes the ability to keep the room clean, keeping everything in its proper place, showing a good level of cleanliness and hygiene, and alike. If your child has this maturity factor then he is suitable to use contact lenses. You should make your child aware about serious problems associated with contact lens wear like redness, itching, and infection.

In fact children gain from using contact lenses in the following ways:

A) They provide them a natural look: Teenagers believe that spectacles make them look and feel different from others whereas contacts provide a natural look with clear vision.

B) They give vision with wide field: Lenses provide better side vision as they are put directly on the eye and they move along with the movement of the eye.

C) Good for sports: For children who are actively involved in sports, contact lenses are better than glasses as glasses can fog up, slip down your nose or break while performing a rough activity.

D) They provide sharper vision: Contact lenses can be worn by patients with strong prescriptions or irregular corneas like keratoconus as they provide sharper vision.

People of all ages can use contact lenses but they should know how to take care of them. Various types of contact lenses are available in the market which can easily match your requirements.

With the coming of soft contact lenses, the usage has become a lot easier. Shildren as well as old people can now easily use contact lenses without any problem. And, everyday developments are making it a lot more easier to use contact lenses.

So, small or young or even old. Anyone can use contact lenses according to one's needs and requirements. Just get a pair for yourself or your loved ones without taking the age into consideration and enjoy the numerous benefits offered by contacts in place on spectacles.