Contact Lens Basics

Maintaining Your Contact Lenses

God has gifted us vision and we all want it to stay in perfect shape so that we are able to see everything around us clearly. But, what should one do if the eyesight becomes weak?. Earlier, people used to overcome this condition by wearing spectacles but due to numerous advantages associated with the contact lenses, they have become the ultimate choice of many. However, contact lenses demand maintenance for them to work properly and not lead to any ill effects.

Therefore, you must realize that contacts can surely make the process of vision correction a lot easier but you have to maintain them properly. Some things to keep in mind to maintain your contact lenses in the perfect fashion are:

A) Always keep your lenses in the contact lens case when not in use. Dirty atmosphere and chemical fumes could easily contaminate your lenses and so they must be kept safely.

B) Maintaining proper hygiene of your lenses is very essential as contact lenses are put over your eye which is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

C) Always wash your hands before removing or applying the lenses. Dirty hands could lead to infection.

D) You must clean or sterilize your lenses daily with the prescribed cleaning solution to keep your lenses in a healthy condition.

E) Tap water should not be used to clean or sterilize the lenses as it could damage them.

F) Change the storage fluid daily. If left unclean, it may damage your lenses and consequently your eyes.

G) Get your lenses checked if they don't settle on your eyes. There is no reason for them to not do so and so they must be checked.

H) If your lens wear causes conditions like redness, pain, heaviness, and watering then remove your lenses and consult the doctor.

I) Depending upon the life time period of a particular lens, you should change it accordingly.

J) Don't swim while wearing the lenses as it could harm your lenses as well as your eyes.

K) If you are about to apply makeup then wear your lenses before you begin with the whole procedure.

Taking care of the above stated things would help you have a problem free experience with your contact lenses. You might have initial problems regarding using, removing, and applying contact lenses but with time the problems would soon fade away and you would be able to use your contact lenses freely. Just follow these usage guidelines and you are sure to have a perfect vision without any hassles.