Contact Lens Basics

Need For Contact Lens

Contact lenses are generally used for two common reasons. Some people use it for correcting their vision problem and some use it for fashion purpose. Whatever be the purpose, the popularity of contact lenses is rising high, leaving behind the traditional eyeglasses. People using contact lens for fashion are able to change the color of their eyes by using the typical colored lenses. Whereas, people having vision disorder have jumped to contact lens as eyeglasses provides a discomforting factor to their eyes.

Most of the times contact lenses are used for correcting the vision disorder conditions that eyeglasses use to correct earlier. Some of these conditions are:

A) Myopia or nearsightedness
B) Hyperopia or farsightedness
C) Astigmatism
D) Presbyopia

When the difference between the power of the left and right eye is more than four diopters (eye power is measured in diopters) you may experience double imaging while using corrective glasses but this problem can be rooted out by using contact lenses. Contact lenses are also recommended when the eye power is high because the corrective glass used would be very thick resulting in reduced field of vision which makes you unable to view the area on the side but this does not happen while using contact lenses as they result in increased field of vision.

Sometimes, contact lens also helps in preventing an increase in the power of the eye. People with low eye power who are in to professions like acting and modeling can also consider wearing contact lenses.

Contact lenses can be worn by almost everyone however some conditions would not let you wear the lens like frequent eye infections, severe allergies, dry eye, a dusty environment and inability to handle the lens properly as all these would result in to adverse effects to the eyes. Ultimately the need of contact lens depends upon individual requirement and expectations.