Contact Lens Basics

Simple Guidelines For Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

Firstly it was the need of contact lens. Secondly the need gave way to fashion. Thirdly fashion gave way to craze. Now amazing things are happening in the world of contact lens. You matched in everything, from tip to toe and in between you had forgotten the eyes. The revolutionary changes in the contact lens culture do provide you with the color of your choice for the eyes.

But these colored lenses and Halloween costume lenses require constant and careful maintenance. However, the procedure is simple. It is done with a no-rub multipurpose solution. Additionally, you require a pair of plastic tweezers and also a contact lens case. You can use any solution marked for soft contact lenses. If you have many pairs of contacts, let each one live in its own case.

It is not alone the solution, but the actual handling of the solution that matters. Solution plays a very important role in the overall handling of the contact lens. Before handling the contact lens, you need to wash your hands with soap. Then carefully pick the contact lens with tweezers and place it on your fingertip. Then rinse it with the no-rub solution. The contact lens is now ready to place it in your eye. And when you take the lenses out, one more rinse is necessary. Now keep it in its case with fresh solution till you use them again.

If you don't wear lenses for several weeks, it is necessary to change the solution and rinse them once in a week. If the lenses remain unattended in the case over a long period, rinse them two times in fresh solution and before wearing them, let it remain in the solution for a couple of hours.

Remember, using proper solutions is related to the health of your eyes. Contact lens solutions for hard contacts need to be used in a proper way, taking this important aspect into consideration.

There is a proper order to use contact lenses solutions. The daily cleaner aspect is important. As soon as you remove them, you need to clean them by using the first of the solutions for hard contacts.

The second solution for hard contacts is the saline solution. This is used for the purpose of rinsing after you have rubbed it in the palm of your hand with the daily cleaner. Then, comes the soaking solution. Now, you need to just place your lens in the soaking solution.

So, this cleaning operation for the hard contact lenses is done once in a week. As for using the solutions, always follow the packaging instructions. These four solutions are enzymatic cleaner, daily cleaner, saline solution and soaking solution.