Contact Lens Basics

The 1887 Invention of Contact Lens

Have you ever given a thought about who invented the contact lens? Let us find out what are the myths and assumptions associated with the invention of the contact lenses.

The first primitive form of the contact lens was invented in the year 1887. At that time, the invention was considered an amazing one. The people who are given the credit for the invention of contact lenses are August Muller, Eugene Kalt and Adolf E. Fick.

However, they did not work together at this project but they did work separately on the same thing. But all these people have played an important role in the development of the contact lens, as we know it today.

The 1887 invention of the contact lenses by Kalt, Fick and Muller made the use of glass scleral shells in the lenses. But Fick named this invention of the 1887 lenses the contact spectacles. Kalt’s invention was used to treat the keratokonus. He made use of the glass shell with a radius equal to that of a normal cornea. Muller named his invention the Corneal Lens.

After these inventions in the year 1887, a number of other people came out with new innovations. But it is to be remembered that the other people who contributed to the invention of the present day contact lenses, did make use of the primitive form of the contact lens.

Thus, only because of these inventions made in the year 1887, other developments were made in the same field in the year 1900. And afterwards, the optical companies came out with scleral contact lenses.  And since then a number of enhancements have been made to the contact lenses.

Earlier these lenses were considered to be very uncomfortable but that is no longer true.  Today, the contact lens is available in a number of different varieties.  But all this has been possible only because of the 1887 invention of the contact lens. It is always the first step that is hard to take!

This invention in the year 1887 brought about some really big changes in the ways to provide people with  improved vision. Because of the 1887 invention of the contact lenses, now you have a plethora of contact lenses to choose from.