Contact Lens Basics

The Contact Lens!Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

It is very interesting to know that the development of first contact lens took place in the year 1950. Many people were in dire need of corrective eye wear at that time. These people had not anticipated that there would be such advancement in vision care products that would lead to the development of contact lens.

People were pleasantly surprised when they heard of the invention of the first contact lens. The invention marked the advent of new found freedom in the lives of many Americans and people around the world.

 Before the contact lens, the majority of people had no choice but to compromise as far as vision of the eye was concerned. They had to do with framed lenses or glasses as we know them today. These were cumbersome, bulky and not very comfortable.

No longer so as the present day times have given people various options. People can choose from an increased variety of spectacle lenses. In case they do not prefer spectacles, then the contact lens is the best option available. In today’s world, the freedom of expression has also given way to a freedom in the choices that we make.

 The turning point about the contact lenses came in the year 1990. During that year, the FDA gave approval for the cosmetic version of the soft contact lenses.  These lenses are also easily disposable. These lenses can be easily dumped once you they have outlived their useful life.
There are many use and throw contact lenses available in the market today. These are also called the daily disposable contacts. With the advent of these types of contact lenses, there is a complete revolution in the market of contact lens. The people who lived before 1990 were very much excited with the glimpse of contact lenses. Many people in the present world agree that the contact lens is a correct wear for an elegant and beautiful vision. The fact of the matter remains that some people do not enjoy when they wear the contact lenses.

The use of contact lens also depends on many social and physical causes. People in general are satisfied with contact lenses as an option to correct their vision. A number of types of lenses are available. You can select from gas permeable contact lenses or toric bifocal lenses amongst other types.