Contact Lens Basics

To Get That Revolutionary Look With Contacts, Remember A Few Things

Contact lenses have caught the fancy of youth like anything and seem determined to keep their success rate up for ever. Born as vision correction devices, they have traversed a checkered path to become fashion accessories of the modern times. They are so good at changing your looks that you suddenly appear metamorphosed into someone you are definitely not.

A lens gives a certain kind of look to one face and an altogether different look to another. One is left wondering where does the look come from- from the lens, from the face or from the interaction of both. Actually, the difference lies in the face and how the face, the lens and the color of the eyes mishmash with each other. So, now, the lens is king. However, there are a few things that every wearer of the contacts must keep in mind.

1) Keep them clean and disinfected at all times. Come back home, take them off and rinse them with the prescribed solution. That should be your routine daily with the lenses.

2) No overnight wearing. Going to bed with contacts on can be very harmful for the eyes even if you feel comfortable with it.

3) Take the lenses off after every 12 hours so as to allow oxygen to your eyes. A lack of oxygen can be a cause for serious eye infections.

4) Moisture is of critical importance for your eyes. Modern day lenses take care of the issue and tend to keep your eyes moist. However, some people might still experience dryness in the eyes, especially those who work on the computer for long hours or in an air conditioned environment. To keep your eyes sufficiently moist, get yourself a good eye drop. Make sure that you consult your eye specialist so that he could prescribe the eye drop best suited to you.

5) Daily disposable lenses are supposed to be the healthiest these days, for one needs to dispose them everyday, which reduces the chances of infection to a large extent. Besides, one gets rid of the daily routine of cleansing and disinfecting them.

So, get yourself a good pair of lenses, follow the precautions listed above and you'll have a trouble-free new look. Contacts have changed the way the world looks, let them change your appearance as well.