Contact Lens Basics

Wanna Know About Contact Lens?

Contact lens are generally thin and curved plastic disks designed to cover the cornea which is the clear front covering of the eye. Because of surface tension, the similar force that causes a drop of water to cling to the side of a glass, makes contacts cling to the film of tears over the cornea. It helps focus light entering the eye onto the retina thereby giving clear vision. In simple words, contact lenses are a sort of medical device worn by people that help improve our vision and make us see more clearly.

Contact lenses can correct nearly every eye condition like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, and alike. Also, people having good vision can use contact lens to change the color of their eyes and thereby give a completely new look to themselves. When used with proper care and supervision, contact lenses provide a safe and effective way to correct your vision. Contact lens can be worn by almost everyone. Even children can easily wear them for vision correction.

Why use contacts over glasses?
One of the most important advantages of contact lenses is that they provide you a better vision when looking at odd angles as there are no frames to block the side vision. Lens also helps improve one's self image and provides a better cosmetic look for those who don't like to wear glasses.

Most of the people have to move their head to look sideways through a spectacle. But, this is not the case with contact lenses. You can look in all directions unbarred, with the help of contact lenses. This advantage is particularly beneficial for people engaged in activities like athletics and photography.

Contact lenses are of various types. You could choose amongst soft and hard ones, as per your convenience. Most contact lens are hydrophilic (made of water) and therefore they are completely safe for your eyes. Soft lenses are generally manufactured from materials that allow oxygen to pass through them and reach the surface of the eye.

People considering to wear contact lens should visit the doctor first for an eye examination. Thereafter, the doctor would determine the type of contact lens best suited for the individual condition. However, there is one thing that you need to pay attention to and that is the proper usage of contact lenses. Follow the proper insertion and removal guidelines so that you do not end up making any mistake.

So, get set to take up what is in and leave your spectacles aside. Contacts lenses are the word of the day and quite rightly.