Contact Lens Basics

Who Invented Contact Lenses

Are you longing to know that who invented contact lenses? You need to go through its history. The contact lenses' history would make you rather confused about who invented contact lenses. By going through it, you would get acquainted with the fact that its invention is not attributed to a single person. A chain of inventors have played their part in evolution of contact lenses.

The history begins with Leonardo Da Vinci conceiving the idea of most primitive form of contact lense thus, heralding in an era of contact lens evolution. Then onwards a host of inventors contributed their bit till a significant contribution was made by F.E.Muller. He is considered to be the real inventor of contact lenses. His invention came in the year 1887. Rene Descrates also played a major role in history of invention with introduction of corneal contact lenses. Another significant invention was done by Jhon Herschel in early Nineteenth century. Mr Eugen Fick came up with his scleral contact shells. It happened in late nineteenth century. August Miller brought innovation in Fick's invention by introducing blown glasses.

Joseph Dallos is said to be the inventor of modern contact lenses. In 1930, Plastic scleral lenses were introduced. Invention of polymethyl methacrylate made it possible to make plastic lenses.

William Feinbloom was the first to introduce plastic contact lenses in 1936. Dr. George Butterfield innovated corneal contact lens. Silicone hydrogen's introduction resulted in more permeable and comfortable lenses.

The contact lenses have come a long way since their introduction. Especially, the coming of soft contact lenses brought in a big revolution in the field of eye care and vision correction. They were invented by the Czech chemists Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim. They both published their work titled 'Hydrophylic gels for biological use' in the journal Nature in 1959. The research contained in the work later led to the development of soft hydrogel lenses in the 1960s. These lenses allow the oxygen to reach the eye even when the user is wearing them.

However, whichever type of lens you may use, you have to be very particular about its cleanliness and maintenance. You must use them and take care of them as per the instructions to get the best out of them.