Hard Contact Lens

A brief Look At Rigid Gas Permeable Contact

There is a constant research and a number of innovations taking place in the contact lens industry. Many new and novel types of e contact lenses have come up in the world markets these days. RGP contact lens is a type of lens which is an example of cutting edge technology. These lenses are highly advanced lenses as far as contact lens technology is concerned.

The RGP lenses are far more advanced than hard contact lenses in a number of  ways. Interestingly enough, this type of contact lens was invented after World War II. Before that  contact lenses were made of hard or rigid material. This material was also referred to as PMMA. The lens was called as hard contact lens. These contact lenses, unlike RGPs were not permeable to oxygen or moisture and did not allow the eyes to breathe.

Because of the lack of oxygen, hard contact lenses became uncomfortable for many people with the passage of time. These lenses became very unhealthy for the eye with the passage of time and could cause irritation or worse, infection.

The year 1970 led to the advent of soft contact lenses. The invention of the soft contact lenses brought immense relief to users who had no choice except  hard contact lenses. The early soft lenses were for daily wear. They however, were not able to permeate oxygen and moisture into the eyes.

The years after 1980 led to the invention of gas permeable lenses. These lenses gave the eyes the ability to breathe and retain moisture. The RGP lenses are made of silicone. This material makes these lenses more flexible. This material also allows the oxygen to penetrate through the lens. These types of lenses allow more oxygen than their soft counterparts. This leads to a better comfort level for the eye. The health of the eye becomes better day after day with these types of contact lenses.

The biggest advantage of RGP lenses is that they are resistant to the accumulation of protein deposits on the surface. The accumulation of protein on the lens leads to a great amount of discomfort, irritation and infection. This is the reason that RGP lenses are a big boon to the user. This is the reason that these lenses are more durable compared to soft contacts.