Hard Contact Lens

How to Use Contact Lens Solutions for Hard Contacts

If you  use hard contact lenses, you should  know the role of the various solutions that are used for cleaning and disinfecting such lenses. Cleaning solutions for hard contact lenses should not only be used in a proper manner but also in the right order.

This is important as it ensures the health of your eyes and increases the life of the contact lens.

First of all, you must wash your hands before using the contact lens solution. Not this, it is also necessary to use the right kind of soap. For example, Opti-Soap, Dial bar, Neutrogena, pump soap or Ivory bar soap are some of the soaps that are safe.

The first, in the order of the solutions that should be used is the daily cleaner. Every time you remove the lens, remember to clean them first of all with this solution. Remove the lens, place it in your palm and rinse it with this solution.

The next solution, in order is the saline solution. This solution is used to rinse the contact lens. Once you have rubbed the lens in your palm with the daily cleaner, you have to rinse it with the saline solution. After that, you should use the soaking solution. Make sure that you use the contact case for soaking your contact lens. The lens should be stored in the solution until the next time you use it.

The other two contact lens solutions have to be used before you wear the lenses. The enzymatic cleaner should be used to remove minute deposits of protein and lipids which are attached on to the surface of the lens. The wetting solution is for lubricating the lens and should be used just before wearing the lens.

Thus, in total you have to use four solutions to clean your hard contact lenses. These are daily cleaner, saline solution, soaking solution and enzymatic solution. All these solutions used in the proper order help you save your eyes from any side effect of the hard contacts you use.

When you purchase the contact lens solution for your hard contacts, the instructions are there on the package. You just need to follow them to the letter. This way you will not only  protect your eyes, but also add life to the lenses.