Hard Contact Lens

Myths And Facts About Contact Lenses

Gone are the days when people used to wear those big, old and ugly spectacles for correcting their vision. With the help of latest technology in eye care, people are able to correct their vision with a more advanced formula known as contact lenses. Although the popularity of contacts have really picked up, there exist some myths which have lead to development of certain apprehensions. Some of these are:

A) Myth: Contact lenses are not meant for children.
Fact: Use of contact lenses does not depend upon the age factor. Your child can use lenses for correcting the vision if he/ she is responsible enough to take care of them. In fact maturity factor is important for determining the ability of wearing the contact lenses.

B) Myth: Use of contact lenses may lead to infection.
Fact: Some infections or health problems related to lens do occur but only when you have a poor cleaning routine or are careless about taking care of your lenses. To avoid infections or any other disease, always follow your doctor's directions and keep your lenses clean.

C) Myth: Contacts can get lost behind your eye.
Fact: This statement is 100 percent wrong as it is physically impossible for the contacts to get lost behind your eye. Your lens cannot go beyond the front surface of the eye.

D) Myth: Contact lens usually falls out of eye, a lot.
Truth: This is only possible in hard lenses but in case of soft lenses, the contacts are tucked under the eyelids which makes it impossible for them to move or fall out of the eye. They are also more stable.

E) Myth: It is not safe to wear contact lenses during sports.
Fact: Contact lenses have made a deep impression in the hearts of sports oriented people as it provides a peripheral and wider field of vision without any obstruction. However contact lens are not safe only for water sports.