Hard Contact Lens

Removing Rigid Contact Lenses is as simple as that!

Wearing contact lenses and then removing them is a process which needs to be done with utmost care so as to not irritate the eye. Removing your rigid contact lenses, however, is not going to be very difficult and people just find it pretty easy once they are used to it. The trick lies in practice and therefore, the more you practice removing them, the easier the removal process will become.

To begin with, when you remove the contact lenses the first few times, be sure to follow the instructions given by your eye specialist. Apart from the eye specialist, you can also find the instructions on the contact lens product box. Contact lenses come as hard or soft, offering different features such as visual improvement, comfort and fashion.

Before removing the rigid contact lenses it is absolutely necessary to wash the hands with a disinfectant soap and dry them thoroughly. You can then begin removing your rigid contact lens by first stretching the outer corner of your lower lid with your finger. The next step is to cup the other hand under the eye so that you may be able to catch the lens when it falls from your eye at your blink. When you are removing the rigid contact lenses, you should try and keep a towel under your hand to try and catch the lens lest it should miss your hand. Careful following of these instructions will help you remove your lenses without any hassle and with practice it should get even easier.

Once you have removed the lenses, do not forget to clean them. To clean the rigid contact lens effectively, you will require a good lens cleaner solution. After you have removed the contact lens, wet each of the lens on the palm of your hands and rub vigorously for 15 seconds. You can continue the cleaning of the lens by rinsing each of them next. After you have finished, you can conclude your cleaning process by placing the lens into the storage containers and filling it with the required lens solution. The cleaning process is a very important part of lens maintenance and should be religiously performed each time after the removal of the rigid contact lenses.

A little practice is all it takes to remove and clean the contact lenses properly. All you need to do is give it a try and follow the instructions given thoroughly to avoid any possible errors.