Soft Contact Lens

66 Contact Lens Softlens Toric

66 contact lens softlens toric is manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. These lenses are great for treating astigmatism. It is also known as Soflens 66 Toric. These lenses are 2-week replacement lenses. As these lenses are manufactured with 66 % water, they provide the wearer an exceptional comfort.

66 contact lens softlens toric is known for providing consistent vision to the wearer, day after day without any complications. After two weeks of wearing a pair, you throw away your old pair and take a new one. This way, you will be able to avoid any protein build up under the lens and thereby avoid any damage to the eye.

However, it is always better that before wearing 66 contact lens softlens toric, you visit an eye care professional for these types of prescription contact lenses. An eye care professional is also the better person to fit the lens accurately. However, this Soflens 66 toric is designed in an ultra thin manner which makes it very easily adaptable for everyone.

This toric lens has deposit resistant material to ward off any protein build up. Also, it has a visibility tint which makes it very easy to handle.

However, you should take good care of this lens. For contact lens cleaning, you should use a proper contact lens cleaner. A contact lens case is also necessary for proper storage which should be disinfected weekly. The unique design of the Soflens 66 toric makes it very stable during wear. These 2-weekly disposable contact lenses have been talked about highly in contact lens reviews regarding implantable contact lens and its types.