Soft Contact Lens

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Soft contact lens are made up of gel like plastic which easily absorbs water and they are very comfortable as they fit so easily as compared to hard contact lense. A great number of advantages are attached with soft contact lens in case you intend to use them. Before you start to use soft contact lens, you should be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of these contact lenses.

The best advantage is that they fit very easily and comfortably. You can wear them on part time basis. If a person is involved in active sports and other activities, they do not pop out like hard lens does. They do not trap dust, hence are comfortable to wear even in dusty places.

They are made up of polymers which mostly contain water. Soft contact lenses can be used to correct any level of visual disorder. The conventional type is that which can be worn for a year. They are worn during the day, cleaned at night, kept in the solution and can be worn the very next day. But, these are becoming less popular these days as more and more people are opting for daily disposable contact lenses. Disposable lenses have additional benefit as they are a better option for eye care because if they are worn for shorter duration, there are lesser chances of infections.

Contact lenses are very thin optical discs which are delicately crafted to help in vision if there are some visual disorders. They are held in place by tear film present between cornea and the contact lenses. These soft lenses allow oxygen to pass through them and hence they nourish your eye.

Most people buy soft contact lens for clearer peripheral vision which is obstructed in case you are using eyeglasses. Contact lenses also remove image distortions which can be caused by eyeglasses. Now, soft toric lenses are available for correction of astigmatism.

But, there are also some disadvantages in case you buy soft contact lens. They are more expensive but do not opt for cheap contact lense as your eyes are precious and they need a lot of care and deteriorate with use hence, they need to be replaced frequently.

These factors tend to increase discomfort and can affect vision. The infection can lead to corneal ulcer, finally leading to blindness. You should follow instructions given by your eye care specialist carefully and use prescription contact lenses and consult him before buying colored contact lense and cosmetic contact lense.