Soft Contact Lens

Contact Dura Lens Soft

Contact Dura lens soft means Dura soft contact lense. There are two types of contact Dura lens soft. One is the Durasoft 2 Litetint contacts and the other is Durasoft 3 litetint contacts. These two lenses are manufactured by Wesley-Jessen VisionCare, Inc. The Durasoft 2 litetint contacts are conventional daily wear contacts. The material used in this lens is 62 % polymer (phemfilcon) and 38 % water.


This lens is an exceptional contact lens which makes it possible for the wearer to adapt to this lens quickly. This lens is also very easy to maintain. If you take proper care of the lenses and handle the lenses with proper method, it would be possible for you to wear the lens for about a year.

Another contact Dura lens soft is the Durasoft 3 litetint contacts. This is a conventional flexible wear contact lens. The material used in the lens is 45 % polymer with 55 % water. This makes this lens very comfortable to wear. This is a conventional flexible wear contact lens. This lens has a slight tint which makes it very easy to handle. It is also possible to easily locate the lens in solution.

However, unlike daily disposable contact lenses or other colored contact lenses that are used as disposable contact lens or cosmetic contact lenses for a short period of time, these contact Dura lens soft type of prescription contact lenses should be properly cared for. Contact lens problems like daily protein build up should never be allowed to happen. For contact lens cleaning, it is required that you use a proper contact lens cleaner and a contact lens case to store the lenses.