Soft Contact Lens

Dura Soft Color Contact Lens

Dura soft color contact lens is reliable and very safe contact lens in its different categories. Dura soft color contact lens is manufactured by Ciba Vision. Contact lenses are generally very convenient and as such they score over the traditional eyeglasses. Contact lenses can be used both for fun purposes and also as a means to correct your vision.

As prescription contact lenses, these lenses are used as cataract lenses, bifocal contact lenses and toric lenses for astigmatism. For making a style statement of your own, you can take the help of lenses such as cosmetic contact lenses, crazy contact lenses, custom contact lens, black contact lens and alike.

One such lens under Dura Soft color contact lens is the Durasoft 2 Color. These lenses are used as daily wear soft colored contacts. The material used for these lenses are Phemfilcon and 38 % water content which make these lenses soft and comfortable to wear. Another Dura Soft color contact lens is the Durasoft 3 Color which is also used for daily wear purposes. Apart from Phemfilcon, these lenses are made with 55 % water content in it, making it more comfortable than Durasoft 2 colors.

There is also a Durasoft 2 Opaque Color. These lenses are also used as daily wear colored contact lenses. This lenses help you to change even the dark color of your eyes quite easily. For an easy and natural looking way to change your eye color, these Durasoft colors are great way to make a style statement of your own.