Soft Contact Lens

Dura Soft Two Optifit Toric Contact Lens

Toric lenses are made up of the same regular material as the other contact lenses. The difference is in the designing pattern. Dura soft two optifit toric contact lens do not rotate and provide crisp vision. These contact lenses require more expertise than any other regular contact lenses. Astigmatism is caused by irregular shape of cornea and fortunately now disposable toric lenses are available for their correction. Toric lenses have both cylindrical and spherical component. These lenses have different thickness to maintain the correct orientation of the eye.

Dura soft two optifit toric contact lens are helpful for correction of visual disorder of astigmatism. These lenses are manufactured by Ciba/Wesley Jessen. They are conventional eyewear for astigmatism and are very comfortable and durable. These lenses can be worn for up to one year. Most people buy soft contact lens for clearer peripheral vision which is obstructed in case you are using eyeglasses. Contact lenses also remove image distortions which can be caused by eyeglasses.

You should seek professional advise before you buy eye care products for correcting the eye disorders and never opt for cheap contact lens as you may risk your eyesight using them and must be aware about contact lens problems, contact lens removal techniques and should buy prescription contact lenses. You should also be aware about hard contact lens, contact lens cleaning, contact lens colors, cosmetic contact lens and daily disposable contact lenses.