Soft Contact Lens

Soft Contact Lenses Popularity Is All-Time High!

Presently there are a large variety of contact lenses available in the market. Among various types of contact lenses, they may be classified in two broad varieties. These are the hard contact lenses and the soft contact lenses. The traditional contact lenses are hard contacts while the soft contacts are a more recent development.

As for the soft lens, they originate from the hydro gel lenses which were first invented by Otto Wichterle and used in some countries in 1960s. The approval from Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was obtained in 1971 under the name of Soft lens. Gradually these soft contact lenses gained immense popularity and are presently more prescribed than the conventional hard lenses.

The material used in soft contacts has undergone a series of modifications. They are made from soft polymer plastic material combined with some proportion of water. The water portion allows oxygen to easily pass through to the cornea of the eye, thereby enhancing comfort to the user. Soft contact lenses are thin gel-like lenses that conform to the shape of the human eye. Their ability to absorb and hold water makes them very comfortable to use.

Soft contacts are available in disposable and non-disposable varieties. The disposable contact lenses may be daily disposable, weekly disposable or monthly disposable. The non-disposable variety may be used for about a year. Soft lenses are also available as colored or plain lenses. The colored soft contacts may be used to enhance the user’s existing eye color or to appear trendy.

In soft contact lenses, another variety is soft multi-focal contacts. They are suitable for people who have long working hours in front of the computers. The soft lenses are less durable than hard lenses. They require frequent replacement and due to their fragile nature, may easily tear off. Due to their absorption quality, they may absorb soap etc. from the user’s hands and thus lead to eye infections. They are not very useful in correcting some vision-related problems.

However, soft lenses have gained tremendous popularity as they are very comfortable to wear and quite flexible. The user can choose from a wide array of options like extended wear, colored and disposable and they are easy to get acclimatized to. A user can easily adjust to soft contacts as they are quite stable and stay in proper place even during rigorous physical activities.

Soft contact lenses have revolutionized the world of vision. They have brought the comfort of contact lenses in easy and affordable reach of a vast majority of people all over the world.