Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

In the recent few years, contact lenses have become very popular as a means of cosmetic needs and also as a means to correct the vision. Since the time they came into existence, various innovations have been done on the product, and hence, now they are available in different forms. You can find contact lenses for all types of eyes - be it watery eyes or dry eyes.

People, who do not have technically knowledge of the contact lenses, generally believe those who have dry eyes cannot use the contact lens. But, this is not the case. In the present day, you can findĀ  contact lenses catering to your specific needs, and that is why contact lenses for dry eyes are also available. Contact lenses have been made comfortable for those who suffer from extreme dry eyes. Nowadays, these people cannot only use contact lenses, but can also use it for a longer period of time, without any inconvenience.

The manufacturers of contact lenses produce contact lenses for dry eyes using special compounds. These special materials help keep a check on the dryness of the user's eyes. These contact lenses keep a tab on excessive evaporation from the user's eyes. The contact lenses, especially designed for dry eyes, are made from silicone hydro-gel. This is soothing for the dry eyes.

These contact lenses have lesser amount of water. But, still they have enough moisture which is provided to the user's eyes. Moreover, it is not uncomfortable even if a person wears them for long. Besides this chemical, nowadays there are other polymers, too. One of this is Omafilcon A, which is used by some of the manufacturers to make special contact lenses for the dry eyes.

Also, now there is a range available of the bio-compatible contact lenses. These are designed so they adjust to the nature of the dry eyes of the user. One of the leading brands of this range is Proclear Compatibilities.

But, you need to follow certain precautions while using these special contact lenses. You should consult a good eye specialist before using these contact lenses. A specialist can suggest the best product for you, and can give you certain recommendations for the usage of the same.