Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses and spectacles have their own merits and demerits!

With changing preferences in the fashion, there is a boom in the field of contact lens market world over. Contact lenses are not only a replacement for the traditional glasses but have also become one of the accessories in the area of cosmetic world. Colored contact lenses are the best form of these cosmetic accessories.

Contact lenses are very easy to handle and it is very easy to move and remove the contact lens from the eye. With becoming a fashion statement lately, they are far more advanced in fashion as compared to their traditional counterparts called traditional lenses. Contact lenses are available in the market in wide range of varieties including colored contacts or bifocal contacts. 

When it comes to which type of contact lenses you should go for, the eye specialist would suggest the best for you. After doing the complete check up, he will finalize your type. Sometimes the eye considers the contact lens as the alien body and it refuses the adjustment of the contact lens on the eye. This is the one major cause of irritation, itchiness and other ailments of the eye. It is always better to consult with the doctor before going for any particular type of the contact lenses. There may be complications and loss of vision if the contact lens does not suit the eye.

There is a large variety of contact lenses are available in the market and among them three are soft, gas permeable and RGP lenses. All these categories of lenses are preferred by people with different eye statistics and properties. You can also have disposable contact lenses for your eyes and can dispose them off on weekly, monthly or daily basis. The more permanent disposable contact lenses last for a year.

As for the expenses, it should be taken into consideration that contact lenses do not come cheap. Some contact lenses are quite expensive. When it comes to the maintenance of both he traditional eye glasses and contact lenses, the eye glasses do not need extra care like their counterparts. You need to be a lot careful in case of contact lenses and you need to wash them in the solution on daily basis. You have also to be conscious about irritation or swelling due to contact lenses.