Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses have an edge over Spectacles!

Although the contact lenses are in vogue these days, many people still prefer the spectacles. It is a different matter that some may not like the traditional spectacles, but it does not mean that lenses have turned down the spectacles’ market. Both contact lenses and spectacles have their own share of merits and demerits. And it is also a fact that many people are not comfortable wearing contact lenses and they would go for the spectacles any time. People are scared when they wear and take off the contact lenses and they find it a hectic process till they are used to it.

However, after all these, once you are accustomed to the use of contact lenses, you will find that they are more convenient and comfortable than the spectacles. They diminish the weight on the nose and people may hardly aware of the fact that you are wearing a contact lens unless it is a Halloween colored contact lens. Generally people wear contact lenses for different reasons.

Lots of people feel comfortable in contact lenses for several reasons. The sports persons can feel more comfortable with contact lenses than traditional glasses. Since the spectacles can easily get damaged at the time of play, it does not happen with the contact lenses. Contact lenses do not fall from the eye unless removed. The person who wears contact lenses is not afraid of smashing like spectacles and no risk of breaking of contact lens is involved. Another important point is that contact lens is not affected by the weather conditions like rain or snow.

The person who is new to the contact lenses has to decide whether he wants hard or soft contact lens. He should also keep in mind whether he wants lenses on temporary or permanent basis. With the time, the person can get used to the contact lenses and throw his spectacles away. Contact lenses, though, have their own share of negatives.

When it comes to the hard and soft contact lenses, it is very easy to tackle hard contact lenses as they are far too easy to tackle. People are these days preferring hard contact lenses over spectacles. Once you get used to hard contact lens, you do not prefer any other.   Definitely, the future lies with the contact lenses and the normal spectacles are going to be a history with the passage of time.