Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses Help Sportsmen and Athletes to Perform

Get rid of the notion that you can’t make the college football team just because of the fact that you are wearing a pair of spectacles with a low power.  If you are a budding sportsperson and have an eye problem that is getting in the way of your performance, do consider contact lenses as an option.

Contact lenses not only provide you with a clearer vision but also  provide you with the freedom and convenience that glasses are unable to provide. Glasses tend to fall off and are unwieldy if you are playing a sport such as football, hockey or baseball.

Eyeglasses also do not provide you the peripheral vision of contact lenses. Another advantage of contact lenses for sportspersons is that contacts will not injure your eyes in case you are playing a game like soccer and happen to fall down or are tackled in football.

If you are a gymnast or a long distance runner, then wearing a pair of eyeglasses is unthinkable. You cannot think of doing a 100-yard dash, wearing a pair of glasses. It would be all the more unthinkable of doing a pole vault or a somersault wearing a pair of glasses. Athletes or gymnasts who needed a means of visual correction would not be able to take part in their sport had it not been for contact lenses.

Contact lenses help to correct a number of different visual problems. It does not matter if you are suffering from astigmatism, near sightedness or far sightedness. Whether you are into sports or belong to any other profession, there is a contact lens available for you. Consult an eye care specialist for a complete diagnosis. An eye care specialist will be able to judge if contact lenses are suitable for you.