Contact Lens Basics

Prescription-less Color Contact Lenses

A number of people are beginning to realize that if they want to get a look that is unique, color contact lenses are what they need. The color contact lenses are able to create a dramatic effect when used in proper combination. You can easily find color contact lenses regardless of the fact the you need vision correction or not. While most of the opticians would ask for a prescription, there are number of websites which do not ask for prescription to purchase color contact lenses.

You can change these color contact lenses daily according to the color of your dress. A number of people buy matching color contact lenses with party wear as a necessary accessory because the color contact lenses are now becoming  an important part of modern dressing styles. With improvements in manufacturing technology and material, the new generation color contact lenses have become more and more safe and the massive adoption of lenses has also led to decline in prices of lenses.

You do not need the eye specialist's prescription if you want to buy color contact lenses with no vision correction abilities. These lenses are available in a number of colors. You have the option to purchase green, blue, turquoise, gray, brown, honey and a number of other colors. If you look hard enough, you can find color contact lenses that match to the color of every dress you have in your wardrobe.

You need to keep in mind that these lenses come with an expiry date. Generally these lenses survive for 45 days but some new long life color contact lenses can be used for 180 days. It is recommended to buy the lenses with longer life because they shall offer you more value for money and you would not have to spend a week every alternate moth buying new color contact lenses.

Finally you must know that contact lenses need to be used with absolute care and precaution. Any fumbling of your finger while applying or removing color contact lenses may lead to severe damage to your eyes. You should consult someone who is using contact lens and ask him to teach the way these lenses can be applied and removed.