Contact Lens Basics

With Sports Contact Lenses, Enhance Your Performance!

When it comes to the sports, the Contact lenses are the most preferred ones. In some cases, they have also proved to be enhancing the performance of the sports persons considerably. Since the contact lenses are easy to handle at the time of sports activity, they have been made available to the athletes by various manufacturers. One of the most popular sport contact lens available in the market today is maxsight contact lens. Though, these contact lenses are not easily available in the market like other lenses and you have to go for search.

Sports Contact lenses come under the category of medical devices and before going in for them, you have to consult with your eye specialist first. These lenses cannot be fitted all by yourself and you need the assistance of a licensed professional. In case you want to buy nike maxsight contact lenses, you should definitely contact your local eye care provider. These sport contact lenses come in spherical powers which range from +4 to -9 including plano. In medical terminology, plano is a simple lens with no vision correction. Plano lenses come in one base curve 8.7 with a diameter of 14.3. The eye care professional better decides whether the lens can suit your eyes or not.

The two brand names which make the sports contact lenses are nike and Bausch and lomb. These companies have joined hands to create two varieties of maxsight lenses. One variety is called amber tint. The other variety is called green grey tint. The amber tint has been made for sports like basketball, volleyball and soccer and the color of the entire lens is amber. This color is shown by the lens when the sports person wears it. Many people are under impression that some particular color gives them a sort of competitive look. For instance, the uniform is orange or red, the color will match it.

For base ball players, the amber lens is most suitable. The reason is that these people track the spin of the ball in a very comfortable way after wearing the lens. Soccer players also feel comfortable in this lens and they feel that ball pops out from the background of the grass. The green and tint lens have been made for the individual sports like running and golf. These lenses reduce glare in the eyes of sportsman and are capable of increasing the contrast.