Cosmetic Contact Lens

All about Novelty Contact Lenses

Novelty contact lenses alternatively known as cosmetic or decorative contact lenses can change the appearance of your eyes, sometimes dramatically. Such lenses are the rage during Halloween when everyone dresses up in costumes and tries to outdo the other in looking different. A Halloween costume is incomplete without a pair of novelty contact lenses.

In fact, the sale of novelty contact lenses soars before Halloween. The question is, are novelty contact lenses safe for your eyes? Can you and should you buy and use them without a prescription? 

A word about contact lenses in general. Contact lenses are a medical device that are normally used to correct problems related to eyesight. Cosmetic contact lenses were developed purely to cater to the demand of people to look different or change their eye color. Such lenses can either be powered or not powered. In addition, they are available either on a prescription basis or without a prescription.

To answer the first question, yes, cosmetic contact lenses are perfectly safe, provided that precautions are taken before buying and using them. You should get your eyes checked up by a qualified eye care specialist before buying such lenses. Second, you should buy contact lenses, whether cosmetic or otherwise, based on a valid prescription.

Non-prescription novelty contact lenses have been associated with serious eye damage. Non-corrective contact lenses sold without prescription or clearance as medical devices have caused eye injuries in children. Moreover, good brands of contact lenses are normally available on a prescription. There is no point of buying a pair of contact lenses through fly-by-night operators, as you will not have the confidence of safety and quality.

Definitely, use cosmetic contact lenses during Halloween or if you are going to a theme party. Make sure that you have your eyes checked first, and buy a reputable brand from a reputable vendor.