Cosmetic Contact Lens

Basic White Contact Lenses

You can really have fun and play pranks on your friends, relatives or co-workers by wearing a pair of basic white contact lenses. 

The basic white lens is a type of cosmetic lens. As is the case with all types of cosmetic lenses, you just cannot walk into a drug store and pick up a pair. You need a prescription written out by an optimetrist. The doctor is going to make sure that you will not face vision problems if you wear such a pair of lenses.

Once you have the prescription, you can pick up a pair of these contact lenses from any drug store.

In case Halloween is around the corner and you want to freak out your friends get all dressed up in white with a matching pair of white lenses. The effect is going to be eerie and surreal. Why wait for Halloween to have a bit of fun? Just wear a pair of white lenses, cover your face with some harmless white face paint, and wear a white colored bed sheet and scare your friends!

Contact lenses are not just a visual aid anymore. These are available in all types of colors and special effects. There are costume contact lenses that have special designs and some of them can make you look like a cat or a werewolf. The choice is endless.

White contact lenses will give you that authentic spooky look. Imagine the surprise on your friends’ faces when they see you. If you wear a pair of powered contact lenses, then do not forget to take those along. Although not very likely, you might face problems with the white lenses.

There are a number of manufacturers and online sellers that offer you great deals on white contact lenses. Browse through the online catalogs and choose the type of costume lens you want to wear. Make sure you buy a reputed brand.